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Moving Tips

Have no idea where to start with the moving process? Check out these helpful tips! 


Make a list of everything you will need to do between now and when you unpack the final box at your new residence. We recommend starting at the very basics. What will you need unpacked immediately? Clothes, toiletries, paper towels, toilet paper, refrigerated food, wifi and cable routers and cleaning supplies are a great place to start! 


Do you have anything that has gone unused or unwanted for months? Years? Now is the time to get rid of it! Why fill up your new home with unwanted stuff! 


Make sure to buy quality packing supplies for your valuables! And label all of your belongings. There's nothing worse than packing something into a box and labeling it to then realize you have 100 boxes and you can't differentiate between any of them! If you have any questions about packing feel free to reach out. 


Think about the layout of each room in your new home. Where do you want the beds? The dressers? Is there an area that will house the majority of the boxes? 

Day of your Move

1. Have parking for our trucks

Make sure your cars are out of your drive way or that there is adequate street parking available!

2. Have clear pathways 

All walkways should be clear of debris, snow and ice. If it's snowing out we ask that you keep up with shoveling your walkways to ensure the safety of our crew and to mitigate any snow from getting into your home.

3. Have a clear list of what you need moved when we show up

Whether it be a mental list or an actual list it comes in handy to have one so everyone knows what has to be moved!

4. Have a bag or box of essential items you will need at your new residence!

We recommend: Clothes for the night and next day, toiletries, wifi router, cable boxes, all necessary chargers, cleaning supplies, paper towel, toilet paper, medications and any linens you might need! 

5. Have an idea of what you need unpacked first

What do you need immediately? Food, dishes, clothes etc are all necessary for day to day life so start with those items when unpacking! 

6. Final walkthrough  

Throughout the unloading process you can tell our crew where you would like items and they will place everything exactly where you want them. At the end of the job, they will walk from room to room with you and make sure all the furniture is in the spot you said you wanted it in. Anything that needs to be moved will be! 

7. Payment 

All payment will be handled on site immediately following the final walkthrough so make sure you have whatever form of payment you will be using handy! 

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